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A Rocker by Baby is a little one who has been brought up on the sweet sounds of, string tickling, drum filling and vocal wailing goodness. So more of the right noise rather than just white noise.


Our current product range lets you dress your kids in parody fan art based on some of your favourite bands. Giving a nod to your support for your bands, while also showing the "highlights" of bringing up a little head banger. 

We aim to be as green as possible, only printing on demand to reduce our waste while we find out what you guys want from us. We aim to keep our process as environmentally friendly as we can from the start, with this being a focus as we grow the brand.

Rocker by Baby also aims to get more kids to gigs, as our product range grows we hope to provide a service to help make it safer for little ones and hopefully easier for you to get them to join you at the gigs you want to go to and make memories with them.


So let there be drums, let there be guitar and most of all, let there be ROCK ...                 !

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